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Harmonium concert

Harmonium Concerts
You have a harmonium/reedorgan and would like to have a concert on it? Are you looking for a harmonist with a suitable instrument for your orchestra or choir?

This wish can easily be fulfilled!

Since 1986 I have been giving concerts in many countries as a soloist, in a duo, in a trio, with choirs or with orchestras.

The literature for the harmonium is very rich and in addition to the cast with original compositions or arrangements of famous classical works for the duo/trio harmonium - piano - if necessary. with string instrument there is a rich number of wonderful, very beautiful compositions for harmonium solo or harmonium and voice.

The selection is quite large, but some scores are real treasures.

In my archive there are over 600 volumes (first editions) of harmonium sheet music. From the earliest prints for phyharmonica through to the 20th century.

There are beautiful meditative compositions for church use but also quite interesting and humorous from the time of salon music. Very demanding compositions such as those by Karg-Elert, Karl Kämpf, Lefebure-Wély, Guilmant, Alfred Lebeau etc. are also included.

As a duo I have been giving guest performances with my musical friends all over Europe for over 30 years. These include Jan van Mol from Antwerp - the harmonium specialist and forefather of the harmonium renaissance in general; Cristel de Meulder, soprano from Antwerp; Pedro Cuadrado - tenor from Seville; Julia Fercho - contraalto from Braunschweig and Santos Maria Vibot - very sensitive harmonist from Madrid.

Depending on the possibility, I or we will be happy to come to you and show you the musical possibilities of your harmonium. Gladly in connection with chatting about the history of the instrument and its literature.

You will be amazed at how interesting this instrument and the literature for it can be! What great sounds you can elicit from him. From the reaction of the audience in various places such as local history museums, instrument collections, churches, philharmonic halls, concert halls, private homes, castles, etc., I could see how pleasantly surprised one always was.

Feel free to contact me!
Info: Pages with gallerys with music played by M. M.
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