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Jas Indian Harmoniums
JAS – Indian harmoniums and South Asian instruments of the highest quality

In the heart of the vibrant Southall district in west London is a small but beautiful music paradise that has shaped the soundscape of South Asian music in Great Britain since the 1980s. It is the JAS South Asian musical instruments company, THE! central point of contact for South Asian instruments and musical expertise in the UK and now the rest of Europe.

A few years ago I got to know the company JAS and became friends with the owner and his son, who run this wonderful and interesting business. It is located in the middle of a lively Indian district of London, which is worth seeing in itself.

This gave rise to the idea that my company, Harmonium and Organ Restoration Calcant, could act as a contact and repair company for JAS on the “continent”. Because if a fault or damage occurs to your instrument, you don't have to go through the lengthy and costly process of sending it to Great Britain.

The special thing about the JAS company is that they still make their harmonium reeds themselves, while the reed makers on the “mainland” have stopped working for decades.

The history of JAS is a harmonious blend of heritage, innovation and a passion for music that transcends boundaries.


Since its founding in 1985, JAS has tirelessly supplied, manufactured, modified and repaired South Asian instruments to musicians, dancers and music enthusiasts around the world. From local temple groups seeking harmoniums for devotional concerts to Western rock stars looking to infuse their music with South Asian sounds, JAS is the go-to source for all things South Asian music.
Instrumental in this journey were Harjit and Jasmeet Shah, the founders, and their children, who were born and raised in the store and were key members of the team.
Harjit Shah's journey into the world of music was not premeditated but a twist of fate. A chance meeting and a request to import a few harmoniums set the stage for a lifelong passion for musical instruments. Harjit's background in business, commerce and technology, as well as his tireless curiosity, led him to not only become an expert supplier of instruments, but also to study their construction and mechanics extensively. His garage became a laboratory of learning, and his dedication to understanding the intricacies of instruments set him on a unique path.
The couple founded JAS Musical Instruments in 1985, purchasing their first store, a first floor space on Southall Broadway, and with Jasmeet's unwavering support and exceptional customer service skills, combined with Harjit's technical expertise and innovative spirit, the business soon grew into a hub for South Asian instruments in Europe.


At JAS, we were and are characterized by a constant commitment to research and development. For the manufacture and repair of the instruments, we look for the best materials and the most experienced craftsmen, with an emphasis on quality and ethics.
Harjit Shah travels across India and delves into the traditional techniques of making musical instruments. Harjit Shah's commitment to preserving and enhancing these traditions while leveraging modern technology has set her apart from others.
This commitment extends beyond the stringed instruments and harmoniums that fill the store and is deeply rooted in the academic background of founder Harjit and his son Sadhu.
This passion for music and craftsmanship runs deep in the family, and Sadhu pursued his own academic path, earning a BA in Musical Instrument Technology from London Metropolitan University. Sadhu's academic background has helped ensure that every instrument that leaves the workshop reflects precision and excellence by studying instrument design, construction, maintenance and restoration with a particular focus on tool making and organ building.
From revolutionizing Bhangra Dhol for the British climate to developing and adapting harmonium reeds that stand the test of time, every beat or note played on a JAS instrument is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.

The impact of JAS music extends far beyond the walls of the instrument shop. Musicians and music lovers become involved through workshops, exhibitions and collaborations strengthened. JAS has introduced South Asian instruments to schools, festivals and audiences around the world, leaving an indelible mark on the global music scene.
Over the years, JAS has also had the privilege of serving a diverse clientele, from renowned musicians such as Jimmy Page, David Gray, Ustad Zakir Hussain and Talvin Singh to local musicians and music enthusiasts. The instruments have even graced the scenes of Hollywood films such as Disney's "The Jungle Book" and the "Matrix" series.

Looking to the future, JAS Musical Instruments remains true to its mission of making high-quality musical instruments accessible to everyone. JAS believes that music knows no boundaries, and their commitment is to ensure that every player, regardless of experience or financial situation, has access to has a good instrument. The commitment to research and development is and remains a key factor in the work of JAS.

The motto of JAS:
- Designing and manufacturing instruments to suit the needs of everyone, from beginners to professionals
- Application of modern technologies to produce traditional instruments
- Control that the materials and processes used in the manufacture of instruments are ethically sourced and environmentally friendly
- Development of traditional instruments in line with advances in the global music industry
- Building instruments compatible with the contemporary music education system.

Become part of the JAS FAMILY
Whether you are a seasoned musician, a budding enthusiast or simply curious about the world of South Asian music, JAS Asian Music Alien welcomes you with open arms. The doors are always open to you and a very competent team is ready to support you on your musical journey. From advice to instrument repair, the staff at JAS and now I are there to support and inspire you.
At JAS, every customer is an ocean of new ideas, and it is your needs that drive our innovation. Together we continue to shape the sound landscape of the future, instrument by instrument.

JAS accompanies you on this melodious journey where tradition, innovation and a deep love of music harmonize to create something truly extraordinary!

Indian harmoniums and South Asian instruments of the highest quality

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